What I'm about

I'm heading into my 30's, early 30's, but I'm still up there none the less. I'm ok with it, life is good, most of the time.

I am a mother of one little person and a wife to a Welsh man. We met in London, got engaged after 3 weeks and we were married within 3 months. I move fast, take risks & try not to care what other people think (I mentioned 'try').

I'm a Westy. I live in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and after two years, I'm ok with it and quite used to the quiet and loud judgement of fellow Melbournians. We are happy here, we have bought our first home and own a huge backyard, it's great. I grow my own veggies and have found a little soft spot for pottering about in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

Miss Two keeps me very busy and I love spending as much time with her as possible. She is a girly girl. Pink everything & baby dolls is her go right now, she can't get enough.

I work four days a week at a Photography college in the city. When I'm not working, I'm 'entertaining' my child, I'm running, I'm sewing, I'm meeting friends for coffee, I'm out for brunch with the hubby or I'm hunting down a bargain - whether it be at an op-shop, on-line or on the High street ... I'm there!

Fashion is my weak spot. I love it. I like what I like and I have my own style, it's not for everyone. My goal is to up-cycle clothing that is no longer wanted, I have developed a strong interest in ethical, sustainable living which very much incorporates my interest in brands and clothing values.

My blog is about me & my family, a working mum doing her best to raise a little person whilst attempting to look good on a budget!

Yep, that's it for now & I hope you stick around! :-)

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